Dina Hoffman - Artist Info.

 1949    Born in Kibbutz Ein-Gev
1975-79  Bachelor's degree in Art, Tufts University, Medford,MA
1975-79  Art diploma, Boston Museum Art Academy, Boston,Ma
1980-82  Master's degree in Art, Massachusetts State Art Academy, Boston,MA
 1999    Teaches art at Levinsky College         
 Solo Exhibitions

1999 The Constant Gallery, Ramat-Gan,IL
1998 New Artists Studios Gallery, Tivon,Il
1996 Haifa University Art Gallery, Haifa,IL
1995 Kibbutz Gallery, Tel-Aviv,IL
1990 Sarah Levi Gallery, Tel-Aviv,IL
1988 Meimad Katan Gallery, Tel-aviv,Il
1986 Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem,IL
1985 Meimad Katan Gallery, Tel-Aviv,IL
1984 Artists House, Jerusalem,IL
1983 BVAU Gallery, Boston,MA
1982 Massachusetts State Art Academy Gallery, Boston,MA
1981 Gallery A, Boston,MA
Massachusetts State Art Academy Gallery, Boston,MA
1980 Cyclorama Gallery, Boston,MA
1979 Flag Gallery, Boston,MA
1978 Flag Gallery, Boston,MA
Group Exhibitions

2000 Municipal Art Gallery, Rehovot,IL
1997 Ha'aretz Museum, "Studs of Silver-Israeli Jewelry", Tel-Aviv,IL
1993 Kalisher 5, "Artists' Notebooks", Tel-Aviv,IL
1991 Sarah Konforti Gallery, Jaffa,IL
1988 Meimad Gallery, Tel-Aviv,IL
1987 Kalisher 5, Tel-Aviv,IL
1986 Dizengoff Center, Tel-Aviv,IL
1985 Omanut Le'am, "Soft Hard", Travelling exhibition
Nitzana Artists Happening, Nitzana,IL
Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa,IL
1984 American Cultural Center, Tel-Aviv,IL
1983 Visual Arts Center Gallery, Beer-Sheva,Il

Special Projects

2002    Pieces of Art Moving On - Special project in a public park
        produced by Dina Hoffman and Moshe Aesh
1995-96 Screenwriter and Director of the film "Daniel in the Lion's Den"
Original music by Zipi Fleisher. Produced by Ruthi Cohen.
Photography: Ofer Harari. Chorus and Chamber Ensemble
Conducted by Avner Itali.